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Soufiane Belharbi

Interested in machine learning, neural networks. I like running uphills (since childhood), and also running for long distance. Current challenge: break my 10km running record 00:46min:00.00 (Sept.23.2018 - Montréal) [STRYD].

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  • Currently working on: Guide des Doctorants (2017).
  • Initiator and webmaster of Doctorants Actifs.
  • Previously: PhD students representative at the LITIS Laboratory Council (Conseil du laboratoire LITIS) (Jan. 2016-Feb. 2018).
  • Previously: Secretary and webmaster of the association ADDED (Association des Doctorants et Docteurs des Écoles Doctorales - PSIME/MIIS, Rouen & Le Havre) (Mar. 2016- Nov. 2017).
  • Participated in the organization of the PhD Days (Les Journées Des Doctorants, JDD) at Rouen University (2017).
  • Participated in the organization of the PhD Day (La Journée Des Doctorants, JDD) at the Havre University (2016).